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shiny.semantic helps you introduce semantic elements to all kinds of shiny apps. It can make your Shiny app look awesome!
If you’re new to shiny semantic, check out how to use it.

What you can find in this version?

New features

  • Support for Semantic UI Themes
  • Slider input based on this great add-on slider input
  • Search field search field
  • Multiple selection search dropdown multiple selection search dropdown
  • Syntactic sugar for semantic UI: form, message, menu, field and dropdown
  • Semantic UI switched to CDN to achieve great speed ups!
  • Add more examples

Bugs fixes

  • Fix input registry by adding keyup event
  • Fixed rendering hidden tabset content

We also introduced continuous integration in our development via CircleCI, see here for more details.

How to install shiny.semantic?

From CRAN:


From github:


Thanks to the great leadership from Dominik, our opensource is growing dynamically. Track new changes in the opensource packages on our GitHub.
Don’t miss latest release of great semantic.dashboard package, that allows you to create beatiful Shiny app dashboards!

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Maria Grycuk
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