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What is Appsilon

We are group of data science consultants for whom data tells a story. This approach translates into an end-to-end process where we provide value at each  step. On one end, we deliver automatized data acquisition and business validation. This flows into model creation which is the crucial part. At the end, we deliver beautiful and responsive Shiny dashboards as stakeholders need a way of interacting and understanding data. Some of the industries we work with include but are not limited to Finance, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail and Real Estate.

Appsilon delivers the most advanced R Shiny apps, data science consulting services and support with R Shiny and Python Dash technologies. We have impressive experience in machine learning in image recognition and predictive analytics for enterprise. If you have a difficult problem that requires strong analytical skills or think that your data is being underutilized, then we’re the right people!

Our contribution to open source can be summarized by thousands of downloads, we inspire discussion and growth that allow others to learn from our accomplishments and to share with us.

Acquisition, validation, governance and processing
Automated valuation models, Satellite imagery analysis and predictive analysis
Data visualizations, reports, R/Shiny dashboards and Python Dash

Case studies:

Optimization in port management

Maritime AIS Safety Cargo management

Working with ports drives the efficient flow of goods. This foundational business has experienced an explosion in the number of data points available thanks to developments in sensors, IoT, software, and increasing global complexity. In this visualization, you can see how we expedite the process of loading and unloading goods.

Route prediction can help both ports and crew, as we inform everyone ahead of time about incoming vessels and help captains choose the most time and cost effective ports. Traders can also benefit by having real time updates, taken from Automatic Identification System (AIS) data. 

  • Combines Satellite and AIS data in real time
  • Forecast behaviour
  • Improves safety and efficiency

Automatic Valuation Models

Real Estate AVM Data Scraping

There is a famous case of a data scientist helping find a cheaper location for a new firehouse, whilst decreasing reaction times to all locations served. We do that, at scale, with the help of Automated Valuation Models. You can see differences real estate prices of specific plots and subplots in New York City. Changes in time and trends can be seen on a granular level. Expert knowledge is incorporated into the models and improves results by giving us more than data, but also years of experience.

Our approach to combining models with highly functions user interfaces drastically improves the usefulness of our models. Anyone from developers, facility managers to real estate investors can benefit from our tool. We model and predict future trends to help municipal planners, developers and even citizen investors looking for a tangible nest egg.

  • Intuitive and functional
  • Forecast future behavior
  • Augmented with Expert Knowledge

Satellites image analysis in agriculture

Image recognition Deep learning KERAS

Satellites follow Moore’s Law, in that the resolutions and image frequency exponentially increase and improve over time. We take advantage of such satellite imagery and deep learning to automatically recognize images and discover insights. The case you can see is from an agricultural plot of land where our model has identified three lost areas of corn. Farmers can use this when calculating their losses and identifying areas of improvement.

Such technology is not restricted to agriculture, but can be applied to a multum of industries. We can help shopping malls and offices extract insights from their parking lots. We can identify and track the migration of groups of land and sea animals. We are not yet at live tracking, but regular and recurring images are enough to benefit and add new business use cases to your company while staying ahead of the competition.

  • 30cm per pixel
  • Minimal travel and on-site costs
  • Deep Learning Image Recognition

Shiny Enterprise Dashboards

Shiny Data visualization Enterprise Dashboards

We build scalable & reliable custom enterprise dashboards. We focus on UX and a modern aesthetic that improves the functionality of our models while minimizing the learning curve needed for the end user. We create open source packages for Shiny that are used by thousands of data scientists around the globe.

We have experience in creating secure & dynamic dashboards in Shiny for hundreds of users.  Our custom packages introduce such features as authentication with LDAP integration, usage analytics and multilingual interface.

  • Hundreds of simultaneous users
  • 7 days to mock up
  • Data acquisition automation
BCG Boston Consulting Group
John Dannberg, Principal
The Boston Consulting Group

Appsilon Data Science proved to be an excellent business partner. The high technical skillset coupled with a solid business understanding made the cooperation flawless. Appsilon were flexible with tight schedules. It took us one month to get from sketch to a working application.

Marc RobitzcatGlobal Director of Marketing Technology
Marc Robitzcat, Global Director of Marketing Technology

The team at Appsilon has been a great complement to our own internal data science team. Their work has proven to be valuable in Diversey’s development of data-driven solutions to satisfy the demands of our global customers.

Sergey Fogelson, VP
Analytics and Measurement Sciences

We are big fans of your shiny.semantic package for Shiny and have used it to make our dashboards not ugly here at Viacom. Thanks for that!

Petter Arnestad, CEO
at Storekeeper AS

The Appsilon Data Science team took our Shiny app to a new level. They promptly delivered a new user-friendly interface, gave us a fresh new design and incorporated our logo and branded elements elegantly. Everything was delivered on time and within budget. We highly recommend Appsilon as a professional business partner in Shiny and R-related projects.

Triple A - Risk Finance
Frank Gregorkiewicz, Managing Partner, Triple A

The platform delivered by Appsilon team allowed us to migrate a specialized spreadsheet model into a collaborative web application and to give our clients unique tool enabling fulfillment of quantitative requirements of Solvency II Directive in effective and user-friendly manner.

NAMU banking
Thomas Ko, CEO
NAMU Systems

I would like to strongly underpin their major assets as professionals and co-workers: being extremely flexible and adaptive to the cutting-edge technologies combined with maintaining top quality of the code. Needless to say, we are deeply satisfied with the results of our cooperation.

Technologies we use

Amazon web services

Meet us

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Account Executive

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