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Why Is My Dashboard Ugly? A Crash Course in R Shiny UI

This presentation by Pedro Silva is from a joint webinar with Appsilon and RStudio. Find a direct link to the video here.

How to Make Shiny Dashboards Look Great

Have you ever wanted to create a dashboard that is both beautiful and user-friendly, but failed completely? We’ve all been there, and we’ve all seen our fair share of hideous-looking dashboards. In this video, Pedro Silva from Appsilon walks you through the basics of dashboard User Interface. Pedro explains why UI is important, what you should pay attention to when creating a web app or Shiny dashboard, and (most importantly) what kinds of tools will make your Shiny apps look professional: shinydashboard, shiny.semantic, HTMLWidgets, CSS, JavaScript, and more.

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Pedro also walks us through some user-friendly Shiny dashboard examples made with Appsilon’s open source shiny.semantic package, as well as Shiny dashboards made with custom styling. 

R Shiny Game

A grand prize winner of RStudio’s 2020 Shiny Contest, Shiny Decisions is a video game made in R Shiny by Pedro Silva.

If you need help creating advanced enterprise Shiny dashboards, please reach out to Appsilon. We are world leaders in Shiny app development, and we routinely create stable and beautiful dashboards for Fortune 500 clients.

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