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Open Source by Appsilon

We believe that beautiful UI is equally important as usability to any web application. That’s why we don’t make any compromises and support both. Appsilon’s open source packages will help you develop more advanced Shiny apps. Our packages introduce new functions, help with debugging, and significantly improve UI elements.

Our contribution to open source is backed up by thousands of downloads. We inspire discussion and growth, and we allow others to learn from our accomplishments. We enjoy giving back to the developer community and we love to create useful tools.


beautiful UI

shiny.semantic lets you create a beautiful, non-standard UI for Shiny applications. It has a universal input binding method for your custom user interfaces which enables you to create various types of inputs.

shiny.semantic demo

display dev info

shiny.info helps display simple diagnostic information for developers that show up in the corner of a Shiny app. It makes debugging much easier and more intuitive.

shiny.info demo

beautiful and customizable dashboards

semantic.dashboard is a package for quickly creating beautiful and customizable dashboards. Designed to provide as much compatibility with shiny.dashboard syntax as possible, which makes the programmer’s life much easier. Dashboards allow you to easily structure your app, making it more user-friendly.

semantic.dashboard demo

shiny.router logo
URL routing

shiny.router helps with introducing URL routing to the Shiny app. Thanks to that users can navigate directly to the subpage of the dashboard, or you can fetch the parameters straight from the URL address.

shiny.router demo

shiny.i18n logo
supports multi-language apps

shiny.i18n can make the process of implementing translations of your app to any language a breeze. It offers intuitive syntax and flexible format of the translation file that makes work easier for both programmers and linguists.

shiny.i18n demo

shiny.worker R package hex
task delegation

Shiny.worker allows you to delegate heavy computation tasks to a separate process, such that it does not freeze your Shiny app.

shiny.worker demo

shiny.react R package hex
ports React JS libraries to R/Shiny

This R package enables using React in Shiny apps and is used by the shiny.fluent package. It contains R and JS code which is independent of the React library (e.g. Fluent UI) that is being wrapped.

Fluent UI demo

shiny.fluent R package hex
Fluent UI for Shiny

As Fluent UI is built in React, shiny.fluent is based on another package called shiny.react, which allows for using React libraries in Shiny. shiny.fluent gives your apps a beautiful and professional look, a rich set of easy-to-use components in Shiny, and the fast speed of development that Shiny is famous for.

Fluent UI demo

data.validator R package hex
data validation and report generation

This is a package for scalable and reproducible data validation. It provides functions for validating datasets in %>% pipelines (validate_if, validate_cols, and validate_rows), predicate functions from assertr package (in_set, within_bounds, etc.), and functions for creating user-friendly reports that you can send to email, store in logs folder, or generate automatically with RStudio Connect.

data.validator demo

Paweł Przytuła
Paweł Przytuła
VP of Engineering

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