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 12 September, 2017

Dashboards for multinational enterprises

We pride ourselves on the fact that we work on some of the most difficult business applications of Shiny. These range from sales, manufacturing, management tools, to even satellite data analysis tools. Many of our clients include multinational enterprises that are continuously looking for new markets to enter. Most markets, however, have a common issue that needs addressing: language barrier. In particular, we have seen an increasing need for dashboards that are tuned to the needs of diverse employees worldwide.

This means that every country or region needs to have their dashboard change accordingly. In short, there is a need for internationalization, hence, shiny.i18n.

We’ve build an internationalization package for shiny and have open sourced it for all to use, and hopefully, contribute to. This is not our first open source package. We encourage you to take a look at shiny.semantic, and shiny.collections.

The i18n package support CSV and JSON based translations. It even formats data according to local standards. We are still working on localized numbers and are in the process of adding our package to CRAN. Feel free to check our demo which currently supports English, Polish and Italian:

Our code is on GitHub and is under an MIT license. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Let's work together!

Filip Stachura
Filip Stachura