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Appsilon Scrum Framework Diagram

Video: How To Set Up A Distributed Data Science Team

This presentation was part of a joint virtual webinar with Appsilon and RStudio on July 28, 2020 entitled “Enabling Remote Data Science Teams.” Find a direct link to the presentation here

In this video, Appsilon Senior Data Scientist Olga Mierzwa-Sulima explains best practices for data science teams – whether your team is lucky enough to be working in the office together or fully remote. Olga outlines the basics of project management (Scrum framework, project boards, and implementation plans), code review (linter, continuous integration, and GitHub Templates), and setting up a development environment (Docker Hub, RStudio Server Pro, and renv lockfiles).

Appsilon Data Science Team Diagram

Three pillars of a well-organized data science team: Project Management, Code Reviews, and a properly set up Development Environment.

In the video, Olga explains Appsilon’s variation on the Scrum approach to project management, as well as how to set up a project board (in Asana, GitHub, or another workflow tool) to organize backlog. You will learn why code review and version control are essential for commercial projects, and how tools like GitHub Actions can help. Finally, Olga describes how to properly set up a development environment and avoid chaos with Docker Hub or RStudio Server Pro.

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