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Mbaza is an open-source AI algorithm that allows rapid biodiversity monitoring at scale. No internet connection required.

Save 99% of Your Time Classifying Camera-Trap Footage. Completely Free.

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Walkthrough of Mbaza AI wildlife camera trap processing Shiny Dashboard

AI-Powered Wildlife Camera Trap Image Classification

Mbaza AI is open source and free to use. Click to download below and begin using your data for good!
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Mbaza AI Offers

Accelerated Processing

up to 3200% faster than manual classification - go from weeks of data processing to hours!

Fair Policy

Improved ROI

drastically lower costs of labeling large datasets - achieve better results with fewer resources!

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Reduced Errors

automate biodiversity monitoring with up to 96% accuracy - quickly identify and respond to threats to biodiversity


Machine Learning

Leverage state of the art Machine Learning


Field Readiness

Designed for remote locations (works offline)


Backwards Compatibility

Optimized for Windows and legacy hardware

D4G Testimonials

What Mbaza AI Users Say

Brice Roxan MOMBOUA

Research Assistant & Deputy Manager, Lopé-Waka Biomonitoring Project

This software can classify thousands of images in less than 1 hour. We save a lot of time in data analysis and the prediction of species identification is impressive with 90% accuracy. It’s a great tool. I don’t need the internet to do the identification and I can do it in the forest.

Charles TROUVE

COO at Sustainable Landscape Project, Gabon

Mbaza has allowed me to really simplify, improve and secure the work of monitoring mammals, bring down the heavy costs and workload of organizing field missions, as well as lower risks for the staff working in the forest. The strength of Mbaza, I think, is its simplicity of use which is within the reach of anyone.

Tatiana Novoa FONSECA

Researcher, Institut de Recherce d'Écologie Tropicale
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Mbaza AI has completely changed the way I work with the photo trap data, because it allows me to directly upload the images and analyze them in the program, and then get the results with all the needed information. Before, I had to look at photo by photo or video by video and manually add the data into an excel spreadsheet, such as date, season, time, species, and the number of individuals observed (which was very time-consuming).

Robin Whytock

Research Fellow, University of Stirling
University of Stirling

[Appsilon] is able to understand project needs and to develop innovative solutions that we had not previously envisioned.

  • Appsilon IRCAI UNESCO Global Top 100 Outstanding Project Award
  • Appsilon Clutch Business Reviews Award

Fighting Threats To Biodiversity Using AI Solutions and Data Science

Appsilon’s Data for Good program combines our technical expertise in machine learning and data science, and expert knowledge of sustainability with a burning passion we share towards projects that have a meaningful, positive impact on our planet.

Mbaza AI News

Appsilon’s Data for Good efforts have been widely recognized in international media. Our Mbaza AI computer vision project, created in collaboration with the University of Stirling and The National Parks Agency of Gabon (ANPN) to help preserve animal populations in Africa, was featured in Euronews, The Independent, The Guardian, and other notable outlets.

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A family of chimpanzees photographed in the Congo basin. An AI algorithm enables analysis of up to 3,000 camera trap images an hour. Photograph: ANPN-Panthera
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Using data science to help protect the environment

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Happy Gorilla image by Kelly Sikkema, downloaded via unsplash kelly-sikkema-r077pfFsdaU-unsplash
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