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Frontend Developer (data science dashboards)

JavaScript, CSS/SASS, HTML

About Appsilon

Appsilon is an ambitious and fast-growing software house and consultancy specializing in decision support systems and machine learning with Fortune 500 clients across the globe. We are a unique company driven by a mission to improve our society and environment. Some examples of our #AI4good work include contributing to animal preservation in Gabon Parks, building COVID-19 dashboards, and improving data science tools for Doctors Without Borders.

We are a global leader in R and Shiny, which are used by companies of all sizes to build analytical applications. When companies run into difficult problems or want to initiate large-scale enterprise projects, they come to Appsilon.

Before you apply, please read our code of conduct.

Frontend Developer (data science dashboards)
JavaScript, CSS/SASS, HTML

You will:

  • Build good looking UI in dashboard projects under experienced advisor or redesign existing dashboards;
  • Have direct contact with the Client. You’ll represent Appsilon and the project team;
  • Lead small projects (1-2 person) as a Project Leader;
  • Learn R/Shiny framework and use your frontend skills to develop good looking UIs;
  • Work with impact. Your projects will be used to save people’s lives. One of the first projects is for one of the famous universities to visualize the spread of disease;
  • Quickly grow your career and learn. Your projects will change frequently and you will see how data and dashboards are used in different industries and known companies.

Helpful skills and experience

  • Demonstrated ability to build good quality software;
  • Knowledge of how to implement the graphical design using HTML, CSS, and JS
  • Good taste in design and knowledge of what affects User Experience. Knowledge of 20 laws of UX: https://lawsofux.com/
  • Good examples of delivered landing pages. Example: https://shiny.tools
  • Knowledge how to write end-to-end tests using Backstop.js / Puppeteer and similar frameworks, and mentors other team members how to test their apps;
  • Proficient English. Good written communication;
  • Comfortable with videoconferencing and remote conversation setup;
  • Great visual taste. You don’t need graphic designer input to build good looking UI.


Nice to have: portfolio with good looking apps/websites.

What we value

Excellence, innovation, responsibility, kindness, and trust are the values that we care about the most. They are also reflected in our Code of Conduct – please read it before applying.

What We Offer

Technology and data science is in our DNA, but we understand that the best outcomes result from the interdisciplinary collaboration of experts with diverse backgrounds, skills, and mindsets. A career at Appsilon provides you with:


  • Salary 8000 – 14000 PLN + VAT on B2B contract
  • 26 Vacation Days
  • Approximately 11 Additional Public Holidays
  • 4 Personal Development Days to use for trainings and career development
  • Personal Development Budget: +5% on top of your gross salary that allows you to invest in your skills, mental health, or well-being
  • The latest M1 MacBook as a blazing fast machine for work
  • Employment type: we’re flexible – you can choose between umowa o prace employment (Polish residents only) or B2B. B2B contracts retain many attractive benefits such as vacation days.
  • An opportunity to work with high-profile Fortune 500 clients, including some of the world’s most important companies. Unlike other software consulting companies, who compete in the red ocean of software development, Appsilon offers scarcely available services, sought after by the largest organizations in the world.
  • Flexible working hours that let you balance a satisfying career with a robust personal life
  • A remote-first work setup that accommodates the need to complete deep work with minimal distraction
  • A smart and friendly English-speaking team with a great, non-toxic company culture. Our team members have worked for Fortune 500 companies like Google, Microsoft, and Bank of America. Many have earned PhDs and MScs from some of the best academic institutions worldwide.
  • A chance to grow your role within a young and profitable tech company driven by a positive mission. More information on our AI For Good Initiative here: https://appsilon.com/ai-for-good/
  • Semi-annual in-person company retreats when it becomes safe travel
  • Virtual assistant service via AskHenry.pl (in-person assistant service for Polish Residents)
  • Benefits for Polish residents: private health care, sport/culture card, and more
  • Continuity of projects
  • Career Guideline
  • Frequent project changes and learning about a variety of industries


Does this sound like a great opportunity for you? Write to: [email protected] or use the Apply button below!

Do you know anyone else who would be a good fit for this role? If you recommend a great candidate, you can get up to PLN 9000 from us!

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is flexible for each candidate, as we adapt it to the requirements for every open position.
Interviews with Talent Hunter and Tech Team
Recruitment Tasks and Skill Tests
Meeting with Management for a Final Decision
If you'd like to join our team, apply to one of our open positions or send an email to [email protected]

Our projects

Every few months we start completely new projects and dive into a new industry. One day we might discover the secrets of promotions in retail chains, another day we might analyze satellite images using machine learning. Our projects are not only an opportunity to test our skills in difficult statistical, algorithmic, and technological problems but also an opportunity to learn how many different industries work from the inside.

ML Building Damage Assessment

In this app, you can explore an AI model that the Appsilon AI team built for the xView2 competition. The model locates buildings and assesses damage sustained after natural disasters.


This app allows for an interactive exploration of disaster risk and development indicators in Madagascar.

Shiny Enterprise Dashboard

When we build scalable and reliable enterprise dashboards, we focus on UX and a modern aesthetic that improves our models' functionality.

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Paulina Kaczmarczyk
Paulina Kaczmarczyk
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