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Develop data-centric business apps for large global companies. Work from Warsaw or Gdańsk with clients from around the World. Work on some of the most advanced R Shiny apps in the leading company in this space.

Data Science
We provide end-to-end data science consulting: from developing a vision, through machine learning models development to visualization.
Mostly we’re working with R Shiny and Python Dash technologies but we’re using also Docker, TensorFlow, AWS, Plotly, JavaScript and Ansible.
2 Offices
Our offices are located in Gdansk and Warsaw - you can always change the location.
Worldwide cooperation
We serve our customers globally. We are not afraid of any time zone - from the US through all over Europe up to Hong Kong and Australia.
Founded in 2013
Appsilon was founded by four friends who didn’t want to choose between satisfying challenges and work-life balance to stay close with friends and family.
20+ Team
Over the past years we’ve become the most advanced team out there, providing advanced analytics, machine learning and Shiny applications.

Work on fascinating projects

At Appsilon we work on extremely interesting projects on the edge of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. One day we process satellite imagery to search for a ship, another, we analyze sales data of an international retail company. Never get bored! You can change projects often and choose them based on your interest and skill set.

Be a part of amazing team

We like to be here and we like each other. We treat Appsilon as something more than just a job – it’s also our passion. We want to get better and better. We have wonderful, ambitious people around us who are constantly looking to develop. We support each other and respect each other. Our work and commitment stems not from the pressure and deadlines but from the passion and willingness to carry out tasks at the best possible level. We know that we do it not only for the company but also for ourselves.


You can meet us at conferences in various places – France, Great Britain, Los Angeles … – we are open to the whole world! We believe in Open Source and we try to demonstrate it by publishing our latest achievements in the field of Data Science and R technology.

Create your workplace

We have a real influence on the direction and way of Appsilon. We feel that we have space to discuss what is good and what we can improve. We are not afraid to express our opinion because we feel safe here. Each of us is important and needed here.

„Work-life integrity”

We know how important rest and healthy atmosphere are at work, which is why we have space to spend time together. Shared breakfasts, table football tournaments or retreats are just a few of our ideas.

You don’t have to worry about the balance between work and life. For us, these zones are not competitors for each other.

The work is to support your life goals.

Trust, learning and ownership

Our culture is based on three values: trust, learning, and ownership. We often feel like a family. We are devoted to quality of what we deliver and success of our clients. We want to live in Poland and work on great projects with global companies, while maintaining good balance between work and life. We love the opportunity to learn not-widely-known facts about the world we live in thanks to working with companies in various industries and situations.


Flat structure
Flexible hours
Commit on 1st day
Private health care
Sports card
Table Football
Office in City
Choose Warsaw or Gdańsk

Job offers

Fullstack Software Engineer
Warsaw / Gdańsk
Design and develop advanced business apps. Be ready to assume the role of tech lead and lead a team working on a project. Work on some of the most advanced R Shiny apps in the leading company in this space.
R, Shiny, JavaScript + web, Python
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Frontend Engineer
Warsaw / Gdansk
Build the most advanced data science dashboards in the world. Create data-centric apps and have a real impact on the business world. Analyze and visualize data, transforming them into the tools of Fortune 500 company managers.
JavaScript, CSS/SASS, HTML, React
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How to join us?

Our recruitment process is flexible for each candidate, as we adapt it to the requirements of the desired position. You can expect some changes in the process, of which you will be informed on a regular basis.

1. Let us know that you are interested
Send us an e-mail, use the ‘apply’ button
next to the job offer, or fill in the contact form
on our website.
2. Initial CV assessment by the Technical Team
You have a great resume, we know that!
Our Tech Team will try to learn as much as possible from it!
3. Initial conversation on the phone with our Talent Hunter
We want to know you better.
Tell us more about yourself.
4. Meetings with Tech Team
You have the opportunity to show off your
experience and technical knowledge during
interviews with the VP of Engineering,
Tech Team or doing the recruitment task.
5. Meeting with CEO
Cherry on top:
let's talk about our culture,
values ​​and people.
6. Decision Time
Final step.
Get ready for a great adventure!
Paulina Kaczmarczyk
Paulina Kaczmarczyk
Talent Acquisition

Contact us. We will reach you in 24h.