27-29 April 2022 - Online

2022 Appsilon Shiny Conference

  • Supported by RStudio

Conference Information

The Appsilon Shiny Conference is a virtual conference hosted by Appsilon with support from RStudio PBC. Appsilon is an RStudio Certified Full-Service Partner. The conference will feature speakers from Appsilon and RStudio, along with guest speakers from the R Shiny community. There are a limited number of FREE Registrations available. Reserve your spot before they run out! If you have questions about the Shiny Conference or would like to be considered for the Program Committee, email us at shinyconf@appsilon.com.

Shiny Conference Speakers

Conference Objectives

R Shiny Technology

Showcase recent advancements in R Shiny technology such as open source packages, Shiny interoperability, and commercial applications.

Community Engagement

Create a shared space for the diverse global community of Shiny developers to learn, network, and collaborate.

Global Platform

Provide a platform for Shiny community members to share their open source packages and Shiny applications.

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    Maya Gans

  • Joe Cheng

  • Winston Chang

  • Jacqueline Nolis

  • Eric Nantz

  • Filip Stachura, Appsilon CEO and Co-founder, profile photo

    Filip Stachura

  • Marek Rogala

  • David Granjon

  • Barret Schloerke

What You Can Expect

Conference Events

Shiny Keynote Panel
Rhino Keynote Panel
Jacqueline Nolis Keynote Talk
Meet & Mingle
Regular Talks
Shiny Showcase

    Shiny Keynote Panel

    Join an open conversation with leaders in the Shiny community; creators of Shiny, Joe Cheng and Winston Change from RStudio; certified Data Scientist and R Software trainer; and Appsilon Co-Founder and CEO, Filip Stachura. You can submit your question(s) to Joe and Winston before the conference. You can also raise your R or Shiny-related question(s) to the panelists during the live event.

    Shiny Conference Keynote Panel

      Rhino Keynote Panel

      Appsilon’s CTO Marek Rogala and two of the framework’s creators Kamil Żyła and Jakub Nowicki will share our experiences in ensuring the technical and business success of Shiny projects and show you why you may want to try Rhino in your next (or current!) project!

      'rhino keynote panel - enterprise shiny apps framework' hosted by Kamil Zyla, Marek Rogala, and Jakub Nowicki

        Jacqueline Nolis Keynote Talk

        Over the course of my career, I've gone from knowing nothing about web development to having it be most of my job--largely thanks to the help of Shiny! Like one of those cooking recipe blog posts that spend half the page talking about the author's past and then provides you with a practical recipe, this talk will cover how I've used Shiny throughout my job and then will present practical Shiny tips. I'll discuss my past of making complex Shiny dashboards powering analytics platforms, and using Shiny to make quick machine learning POCs for stakeholders. I'll also talk about how you can make your shiny apps better with Bootstrap, CSS, and more.


          Appsilon will host a Masterclass: "Top Innovations in Shiny in 2022 - How to build user-centric applications." In this three-hour-long masterclass, participants will discover Appsilon's secret to building Shiny apps that users adopt and adore.

            Meet & Mingle

            15 minute, intermittent networking events. Randomly connect for a short, video chat session. Create and exchange your virtual business card to keep in touch! Connect with R Shiny community members from across the world.

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              Regular Talks

              15-minute presentations on R Shiny technology, dashboards and applications, and other Shiny projects. Talks are reviewed by a committee of Appsilon team members, RStudio team members, and external members of the Shiny community.

              Shiny Conference Regular Talks

                Shiny Showcase

                A curated gallery of Shiny applications accompanied by 5-10 minute pre-recorded video walkthroughs of the app's features. The gallery will showcase submissions from the Shiny community with live, explorable versions.

                Shiny Conference Showcase - gallery

                Conference Committee Members

                Code of Conduct

                The 2022 Appsilon Shiny Conference will adhere to the existing Code of Conduct for R Conferences. The conference will adhere to Appsilon’s Privacy Policy.


                We will make our best effort to uphold the accessibility standards from useR 2021. This includes:

                • All recorded content and video uploads will be captioned.
                • Live content will be captioned where possible.
                • We will choose accessible platforms for conference hosting when possible.
                • Presentations will be constructed with screen reading compatibility in mind.

                Shiny Weekly

                While you’re here, subscribe to Shiny Weekly, Appsilon’s weekly newsletter for Shiny tutorials, package updates, and news from the R Shiny community. Subscribe to Shiny Weekly here.

                About Appsilon

                Appsilon builds the world’s most advanced R Shiny applications, with a specialization in enterprise Shiny dashboards. Global 2000 companies trust Appsilon to build custom Shiny apps, scale PoCs, improve Shiny app performance, and enhance dashboard UI. To find out for yourself what’s special about Appsilon, visit our Shiny Demo Gallery or try out our Shiny open-source tools.

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