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Core RStudio (Posit) Competencies

Our teams will help you with end-to-end service, from installation and configuration to training, support, and maintenance of the RStudio (Posit) Team Suite. We can help you implement best practices and open-source solutions for RStudio (Posit) products, and make it all work in your unique business case.
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RStudio (Posit) Help | R Consulting | Shiny Consulting | Data Visualization



database connection and RStudio Connect (Posit Connect)


refactoring Shiny applications


Advanced Dashboard

advanced dashboards and data visualizations

Fair Policy

RStudio (Posit) License Discount

discounted RStudio (Posit) license cost

Tech Expertise

RStudio Support

hands-on support for full RStudio (Posit) suite, Python support, and R development

Development Budget

Implement Best Practices

applying best software engineering practices, modularize code, test, and beautify UI with Rhino


Scaling R Shiny

scale Shiny applications, performance boosting, improved reactivity

object detection

Deliver Beautiful UI

outstanding UI/UX and custom branding to fit your enterprise

Building The World's Most Advanced R Shiny Dashboards

RStudio (Posit) Full Service Certified Partner

Will Palmer

Data Scientist at TA Associates

Their workflow was very easy and efficient.

Cara Wychgram

Research Data Analyst at Johns Hopkins University

We were really happy with Appsilon. They were always in communication with us.

Thomas Ko

CEO of NAMU Systems

I would like to strongly underpin their major assets as professionals and co-workers: being extremely flexible and adaptive to the cutting-edge technologies combined with maintaining top quality of the code. Needless to say, we are deeply satisfied with the results of our cooperation.

Franciszek Gregorkiewicz

Franciszek Gregorkiewicz

Managing Partner at Triple A

The platform delivered by Appsilon team allowed us to migrate a specialized spreadsheet model into a collaborative web application and to give our clients unique tool enabling fulfillment of quantitative requirements of Solvency II Directive in effective and user-friendly manner.

Marc Robitzcat

Global Director of Marketing Technology at Diversey
Diversey logo

The team at Appsilon has been a great complement to our own internal data science team. Their work has proven to be valuable in Diversey's development of data-driven solutions to satisfy the demands of our global customers.

Petter Arnestad

Petter Arnestad

CEO at Storekeeper

The [Appsilon] team took our Shiny app to a new level. They promptly delivered a new user-friendly interface, gave us a fresh new design, and incorporated our logo and branded elements elegantly. Everything was delivered on time and within budget. We highly recommend Appsilon as a professional business partner in Shiny and R-related projects.

Prof Frederic Maps profile

Frederic Maps

Associate Professor, Université Laval
Université Laval logo

Their genuine curiosity and impressive ability to adapt to our needs were outstanding!

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  • Appsilon 20+ perfect Clutch reviews

RStudio Workbench (Posit Workbench)

Preferred data analysis tool for Data Science teams. Create better business intelligence, data visualizations, and impressive insight using R and Python.

RStudio Connect (Posit Connect)

Publish data products at the push of a button. Deliver key insights to decision-makers, at the right time, in the right format. Connect supports a spectrum of data products, static or dynamic, developed in R and Python: dashboards, applications, APIs, reports, and so much more.

RStudio Package Manager (Posit Package Manager)

Repository management server to organize and centralize packages across your team, department, or the entire organization. Access CRAN or provide a curated subset of R packages behind your firewall.

RStudio Team (Posit Team)

A bundle of RStudio's popular professional software for developing data science projects, publishing data products, and managing packages. RStudio Team includes RStudio Workbench, RStudio Connect, and RStudio Package Manager.

Combine RStudio's enterprise-grade professional software for scaling data science analytic work across your team, share data science results with your stakeholders, and manage R and Python packages.

RStudio (Posit) Certified Partner Support - R Consulting - Data Science Consulting

Case Studies for RStudio ServicesSee more

JHU Lyme Disease Dashboard
Visualise (VisuaRisk)
Optimization In Port Management
Destination Overview
  • leaflet
  • rmarkdown
  • Shiny Dashboard

JHU Lyme Disease Dashboard

Interactive data explorer for visualizing Lyme and other tick-borne diseases in the United States. Access the public version at the Johns Hopkins University Lyme Tracker.

JHU Lyme Disease Tracker
  • semantic.dashboard
  • Shiny Dashboard
  • shiny.semantic

Visualise (VisuaRisk)

Interactively explore disaster risk and development indicators in Madagascar. By combining spatially explicit hazard modeling with nationwide household survey data, Visualise allows for consistent analysis of cyclone risk. Ultimately, helping users visualize who’s at risk in Madagascar.

  • AIS
  • Cargo Management
  • Maritime
  • Safety

Optimization In Port Management

Working with ports drives the efficient flow of goods. This foundational business has experienced an explosion in the number of data points available thanks to developments in sensors, IoT, software, and increasing global complexity. In this visualization, you can see how we expedite the process of loading and unloading goods.

Case studies images-02
  • DT
  • plotly
  • Shiny Dashboard

Destination Overview

Interactive components and smooth performance are the strengths of this Shiny application designed for a logistics enterprise. The app presents the number of shipments between different US states.

Destination Overview homepage view - advanced version

Supported by RStudio (Posit)

2022 Annual Shiny Conferenceyoutube iconSee more

aaron clark - evaluate values from dynamically produced ui modules thumbnail
Aaron Clark: Evaluate values from dynamically produced UI modules
18 June 2022
barret schloerke - shinytest2 testing shiny with testthat thumbnail
Barret Schloerke: {shinytest2} Testing Shiny with {testthat}
18 June 2022
eric nantz - adding a little shiny power to an online racing league thumbnail
Eric Nantz: Adding a Little Shiny Power to an Online Racing League
18 June 2022
maya gans - creating a design system for shiny thumbnail
Maya Gans: Creating a Design System for Shiny
18 June 2022
introducing rhino enterprise shiny apps framework thumbnail
Introducing Rhino Enterprise Shiny Apps Framework
18 June 2022

Mastering R Shiny with Appsilon - An RStudio (Posit) Partner

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