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Appsilon is a Financial Times 1000 Fastest-Growing Company!

Appsilon lands on the FT 1000 list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies! 

Appsilon prides itself on the value we bring our customers and the environment we structure around our teams. We hold our core values dear: kindness, trust, responsibility, excellence, and innovation. 

It’s these values that help drive our decision-making, building a strong business foundation and an ever-growing network of satisfied customers. As we continue to garner success for our clients and forge new talents in our team, we contribute back to our communities through our Data for Good initiatives and open-source lab.

What is the Financial Times Top 1000 2023 List?

The FT 1000 is a list of resilient, high-growth companies in Europe. Although facing turbulent global economic situations, it is a sign of well-performing industries and the companies that are leading the pack. 

The rankings are based on the highest compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in revenue between 2018 and 2021. This year’s minimum CAGR cutoff was 36.5%.

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Appsilon’s Award from Financial Times

Appsilon landed within the top 500 (#397) of the FT 1000 Europe list.

We credit our position with the successful delivery of projects to our customers. Our teams are trusted and innovative experts who have helped propel client projects to become business-critical and in some cases drastically improved the performance of their data science tools.

We empower clients with scalable, effective applications and data science solutions. Our specialized knowledge in R Shiny and AI is used to build solutions so our clients can focus on what matters most to them – the data.

Appsilon’s Achievements in 2022

2022 has been a banner year for Appsilon. We’ve doubled our team, approaching 100 team members. Our Data for Good initiative has launched several impactful projects across unique ecosystems: the jungles of Gabon, the forests of Europe, the Arctic Ocean, and the frozen lands of the Antarctic!

We’ve added five new R and Shiny open-source tools including our opinionated Shiny framework – Rhino. And we’ve begun several new projects for our open-source lab for the next year. 

Additionally, we held the first annual ShinyConf – a conference celebrating all things R and Shiny. We hosted the largest gathering of Shiny users with support from our partner – Posit. And we look forward to an even greater ShinyConf 2023 coming this March.

A Message from Appsilon’s CEO

Appsilon’s Data for Good program, which aims to improve life on Earth through technology, has produced several projects to date. We have been most proud of our flagship Mbaza AI – an open-source algorithm that automatically identifies wildlife in camera-trap images. Mbaza AI has been instrumental in large-scale biodiversity monitoring and analysis in Gabon and is set to expand into Kenya later this year, presenting exciting opportunities for enhancing biodiversity monitoring methods worldwide.

At Appsilon, we are committed to exploring and developing innovative solutions that can help protect our planet’s natural resources, and we will continue to work towards this goal.

– Filip Stachura, CEO & Co-Founder

For nearly 10 years we’ve provided high value to satisfied clients and used our skillset to improve our communities. We are passionate about data and respect science.

Our position on the FT 1000 list is a testament to our work and the benefit we bring our clients. We look forward to seeing our name on next year’s list.